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DEX in-place extensometers

Dex extensometers are used in conjunction with flush-coupled ABS  inclinometer casings for automatic monitoring of settlement or heave. Strings of DEX extensometer are joined together with stainless steel wire or bars. DEX probes can be placed at different depths were the settlement occurs with reference points at the top or bottom of the casing. DEX-S model is also equipped with biaxial tilt sensors; it permits 3-D borehole profile monitoring. ADK-100 datalogger equipped with GSM module provides automatic monitoring of unattended locations...

Technical specifications

0DEX35010000 Range 100 mm, base 1000 mm
0DEX35050000 Range 500 mm, base 1000 mm
Sensor resolution 0.01mm
System accuracy 0.25% FS
Repeatability  0.02mm
Signal output  0-10V DC
Operating temperature    -20C +60C
Environmental  IP68 (up to 1.5 MPa)
Outer diameter  35mm

DEX-S PROBE with biaxial tilt sensor
0DEX35S102B0  Tilt range ±100
0DEX35S202B0  Tilt range ±200
Extensometer range  100 mm
Measuring base 1000 mm
Probe length 1170 mmм

Tilt sensor
Type Biaxial solid state accelerometer
Resolution  0.01% FS
Thermal sensitivity  ±0.01% FS/0C
Total accuracy  ˂0.4% FS.

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