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Vibrating wire strain gauges

Vibrating wire strain gauges are used to monitor strain in steel or in reinforced concrete and mass concrete structures. Arc-weldable vibrating wire strain-gauges are designed for arc welding to steel structures such as tunnel linings, piles and bridges. The gauge is supplied with end mounting blocks. Embedment vibrating wire strain-gauges are directly embedded in concrete for strain measurements of piles, foundations, dams, tunnels linings, etc.

Vibrating wire strain-gauges are particularly durable and thermally-aged to minimize long-term drift and changes calibration. Thermistor is incorporated in the soil housing. The standard gauge length is 150mm with a nominal range of 3000µƐ.

Technical specifications

0VK4000VS00    ARC-weldable gauge
0VK4200VC00    Embedment gauge
0VK4200VN00    No-stress embedment gauge
Active gauge length    150 mm
Measuring range    3000µƐ (nominal)
Sensitivity    1 µƐ
Total accuracy    ˂2% FS
Stability     0.1% FS/year
Typical frequency    800-1200 Hz
Coil resistance    ≤150Ω
Temperature operating range    -20C +60C

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