Monitoring of railway tracks

RDS (Railway Deformation System) is aimed to monitor the longitudinal deformation and torsion of railway tracks. For the longitudinal deformation, the system is composed by a chain of aluminium bars instrumented with a built-in solid-state accelerometer sensor (MEMS technology).

In order to measure the track torsion (cant), the sleepers are monitored with an inclinometer sensor mounted perpendicularly to the railway.

All RDS sensors are furnished with a built-in thermistor in order to have a relationship between inclination and environment thermal effect.

RDS system shall be continuously monitored by means of ADK-100 system that transmit data through GPRS modem to remote server where the web platform WMS is running.

Технические характеристики фильтров

1Longitudinal RDS components
0S7RDS10L30 RDS instrumented bar, 3m length, for longitudinal deformation track monitoring. It mount also a topographic target and spirit level.
0S7RDS10L20 RDS instrumented bar, 2m length
0S7RDS10L10 RDS instrumented bar, 1 m length
0S7RDS00AN0 Angular support and chain terminal

Trasversal RDS components
0S7RDS10T10 RDS instrumented bar, 1m length, for track torsion monitoring
0S7RDS10T02 RDS sensor for pre-cast concrete sleeper tilt monitoring.

2Technical specifications
Sensor type    Uniaxial solid-state accelerometer
Measuring range    ±100
Total accuracy
-with linear factor
-with polynomial factor    
±0.4% FS
Signal output    4-20 mA
Temperature operating range    -40C to +85C
Temperature sensor    NTC thermistor
Housing    Aluminium, IP67
3Support bars:
Dimension    40x60 mm section, 1, 2, 3m length

Material    aluminium


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