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Surface clinometers

Surface clinometers are tilt sensors used to measure changes in the inclination of structures. They are permanently installed on the controlled surface and they could be read both by manual readout or with automatic data acquisition system for long term monitoring.
Surface clinometers are available in uniaxial and biaxial versions, equipped with solid-state accelerometer (MEMS technology) or force-balanced servo accelerometer sensors.
The family line of S520 clinometers is housed in a durable stainless steel cylinder, IP68 water-resistant up to 200 kPa. A spirit level, adjustable mounting bracket and anchor plate are included.
Beam clinometer is a tiltmeter designed to measure angular displacement. It consists of a solid-state tilt sensor (MEMS technology) engineered into an aluminium beam, with available in different length.

Technical specifications

Measuring ranges    ±10, ±14.5, ±30
Total accuracy    Better than ±0.07% FS
Scale thermal factor sensitivity    ±0.002%FS/C
Excitation voltage    ±15V DC ±1%
Signal output    ±1.5V, ±5V at FS
Temp. operating range    -20C to +80C

Full scales    ±10,±20
Total accuracy
-with linear factor
- with polynomial factor    
±0.4% FS
± 0.15% FS
Excitation voltage     From 8 to 30V DC
Signal output    4-20 mA
Temp. operating range     -40C to +85C

Sensor type    Uniaxial solid-state accelerometer
Measuring range     ±10
Total accuracy
-with linear factor
- with polynomial factor    
±0.4% FS
± 0.15% FS
Signal output    4-20 mA
Temp. operating range    -40C to +85C

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