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Electrical pressure transducers

A wide range of electrical piezometers and pressure transducers are available for different applications. Electrical piezometers and pressure transducers are equipped with a deformable diaphragm with screen printed resistor gauges forming a 4-arms Wheatstone bridge.

The P235S piezometers are used to monitor pore pressure when a fast response, dynamic measurements and/or high accuracy are required.
The model P252A is supplied with a ½-inch male thread to be coupled with a hydraulic pressure line (for up-lift water pressure monitoring).

Technical specifications

Model P235S1    With HAE value filter
Model P235S4    With LAE value filter
Model P235I    Drive-in version to be pushed into a soft soil
Standard ranges    100, 200, 500 kPa
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 MPa
Sensitivity    0.01% FS
Accuracy    ˂0.3% FS
Temp. Operating range    10C +55C
Filter unit characteristic
-HAE (100 kPa)
-LAE stone    
1µ ceramic stone
40/50µ syntherized PE
Diameter/length    27mm/200mm

Vented pressure transducer
The P252R pressure transducer is equipped with a vented sensor which provides automatic compensation for barometric pressure changes. This transducer provide ground water table monitoring in Casagrande piezometers, wells and standpipe piezometers.

Removable pore pressure transducer
P252C is a removable pressure transducer for soil pore pressure monitoring. It is suitable for long-term monitoring, as the instrument can be removed for calibration checks, maintenance or re-used in other boreholes. When inserted into the P101 filter unit, the pressure seal is assured by its conical tip with an O-ring kept in place on the cable by a string of dead weights.

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