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Inclinometer casings

Inclinometer casing is a special grooved tube, generally installed into a borehole, used in cinjuctions with inclinometer system to determine sub-surface ground or horizontal soil movements.
The inclinometer casing performs the following main functions:
-it reflects deformations of soil or rock into which it is installed or in structures to which it is attached;
- it provides a precise casing for the operation of the inclinometer probe in the determination of inclination changes;
Its internal grooves provide orientation reference for the inclinometer probe.
Inclinometer casing is produced in different materials as aluminium, fiberglass and ABS (acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene).

Technical specifications

                                S1110075    S1110054
Tube outer diameter    86.4 mm    58.0 mm
Tube inner diameter    76.1 mm    49.0 mm
Tube groove inner diameter    82.0 mm    54.0mm
Thickness    2.2 mm    2.0 mm
Casing length    3 meter    3 meter
Weight    1 kg/m    0.92 kg/m
Spiral    ˂1.0 0/3m    ˂1.0 0/3m
Coupling outer diameter    92.0 mm    62.6mm
Coupling length    300 mm    300 mm

Material    ABS
Tube outer diameter    71.0 mm
Tube inner diameter    60. 0mm
Tube groove inner diameter    64.0mm
Thickness    3.5 mm
Casing length    3 meter
Weight     0.7 kg/m
Spiral     ˂0.60/3m
Coupling outer diameter    77.0 mm
Coupling length    200 mm.

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