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In-place inclinometers (IPI)

In-place inclinometer (IPI) sensors are designed for automatic monitoring of critical locations. Jointed together and suspended inside the casing where deformation may occur, a string of IPI sensors allows the operator to monitor the profile of the inclinometer casing on a continuous basis.

Vertical and horizontal in-place inclinometer are available in uniaxial and biaxial versions, equipped with solid-state accelerometer or force-balanced servo-accelerometer sensors.

Separated signal cables are required for each sensor. However, several in-place inclinometers can be linked together in order to create a single multi-core cable output. Horizontal in-place inclinometers are widely used in monitoring the deflection of the up-stream face of dam slopes.

Technical specifications

Model S411HA    Uniaxial solid-state accelerometer (MEMS)
Model S412HA    Biaxial solid-state accelerometer (MEMS)
Full scales    ±10, ±20
Sensor resolution    0.01% FS
Total accuracy    Better than ±0.4% FS
Scale thermal factor sensitivity    ±0.01% FS/0C
Signal output    4-20 mA
Comp. temp. range    -25C +80C
Model S411SV    Uniaxial force-balanced servo-accelerometer
Model S412SV    Biaxial force-balanced serv--accelerometer
Measuring ranges    ±14.5, ±30C
Sensor resolution    0.001% FS
Total accuracy    Better than ±0.07%FS
Scale thermal factor sensitivity    ±0.002% FS/0C
Signal output    ±5V at FS
Comp.temp.range    00C +50C

Overall diameter    30 mm
Wheel base    1000 mm
Material     Stainless steel and thermoplastic resin
Cable connection    Epoxy sealed up to 200 kPa

0S4TS101000    In-place inclinometer support head
0S4IPIT00L0    In-place inclinom. Clamping tool
0WRAC200000    Stainless steel support wire, 2mm.

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