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Wire crackmeter

Wire crackmeter is designed to monitor changes in distance between two anchor points located at up to 30m. Typical applications include measurements of large displacement associated with landslides, monitoring of rock-masses, masonry cracks and surveying of earth faults. The wire crackmeter consists of a stainless steel transducer box and target assembly made by an eyebolt expansion anchor.

The electrical deformeter is used to monitor the displacement between two opposite surfaces and convergence in underground openings and tunnels. The displacement transducer is housed in a stainless steel body mounted on a fixing plate for wall/floor installation. A Kevlar rope forms the connection between the transducer and the target.

Technical specifications

Mechanical range    200mm
Electrical range    240mm
Sensitivity    0.03mm
Accuracy    ±1mm (depends mainly from the thermal effects on the wire)
Repeatability    ±0.03 mm
Signal output    4-20mA (current loop)
Operating temperature    -20C +60C
Wire diameter    2mm, stainless steel
Max. wire tension    8kg
Base (wire)length    Up to 30 meter distance between transducer and target
Transducer housing    300x200x185mm
Target assembly    Eyebolt expansion anchor

Type of sensor    Linear potentiometer or vibrating wire
Signal output    4-20mA, frequency
Measuring range    25mm (±12.5), 50mm (±25)
Resolution    0.01 mm (depending on readout)
Total accuracy    ˂0.3% FS (4-20mA)
˂0.5%FS (vibrating wire)
Operating temperature    -20C +60C
Wire     Kevlar rope
Base (wire) length    Up to 10 meter
Sensor housing    16mm diam...

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