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Water level logger (WLL)

Water level logger (WLL) is an integrated system designed for automatic continuous monitoring of water level ad temperature inside wells, standpipes and Casagrande piezometers.
WLL system is equipped with an accurate ceramic pressure sensor which provides high accuracy and long-term stability measurements.
The water Level Logger records absolute pressure, which is later converted to water level readings by the Hoboware software using barometric measurements.
The optical USB connection interface provide safe and reliable data download also in abd environmental conditions.

Technical specifications

Water level range*    4,9,30,76m
Temp. range    -200C +500C

-water level*
Memory type    Non-volatile
Memory capacity    64k-byte ˃21.000 combined measurements
Measuring Interval    Programmable Min 1 sec, max 18 hours
Communication port    Optical USB interface
Temp. operating range    -20C +60C
Battery life**    5 years typical with min.
Measuring interval 1 min.
* -Nominal value based on using WLL
** -typical error using reference level measurement and the barometric compensation
*** -depending also from working temperature

The software is the next generation software for logger management, data graphing and data analysis; it permits to check the logger status: verify logger set-up before launch, verify logger operation while logging, display real-time sensor readings and display memory used and battery voltage.

Software’s powerful graphing features allows plot and filter data for a customized data presentation.

Barometric compensation assistant enable you to compensate water level measurements for barometric pressure..

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