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Removeable coordinometer

Optical readout (coordinometer) is a reliable and simple equipment for manual readings of direct and inverted pendulums.

The coordinates of the pendulum steel wire are measured by means of a pair of photocells mounted on a high accuracy sliding unit. It permits to calculate the horizontal movements of the wire both in the upstream-downstream directions and left bank-right bank directions.
It can be utilized either for in-place installation or removable measurements in different locations.

Pendulum reading locations are equipped with a support plates. The plates have fitting guides for accurate and repeatable positioning of the pendulum optical readout.

TEL-310S telependulum is an optical device designed for automatic measurements of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines.
TEL-310S permits high accuracy continuous monitoring. It consists of three separate units:
-SUS optical unit, equipped with stepper motor assembly, spirit level and waterproof protective cover;
-CUS control unit, with communication interfaces and on-board web server;
-PWS power supply unit with selectable voltage input.
TEL-310S is also supplied with adjustable optical sensor support, calibration checking frame and mounting kit.
All TEL-310S units are waterproof so hard wet installations and temporary submersion do not demage instruments..

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