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Digital tape extensometer

Tape extensometer is used to take accurate distance measurements between pairs of target points that have been permanently installed.

The instrument is a removable stainless steel measuring tape with equally-spaced punched holes incorporated in an aluminium and stainless steel body with external pneumatic tensioning device and incorporated dial gauge.

At the same time, the tape extensometer provides constant tension on the tape and accurate readings on the dial gauge. A portable compressor provides compression air to adjust the tape tension during measurements.

Typical applications include convergence monitoring of tunnel linings, according to NATM practice, and of shafts, underground openings and caverns.

Technical specifications
0DNP0150000 15m tape
0DNP0300000 30 m tape
0DNP0CF1100 Calibration frame
Digital gauge 5 digits LCD, 6mm height
Gauge range 100 mm
Gauge resolution 0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Tape width 13mm
Tape scale division centimeter punched every 25mm
Body diameter 60mm
Overall length 870 mm

A wide range of measuring bolts are available that can be grouted, welded or anchored to the structure
0DN0CH20000 200mm groutable 3/8” stud bolt
0DN0CH50000 500mm groutable 3/8” stud bolt
0DN0CHE1000 1000mm groutable 3/8” stud bolt
0DN0CH05000 weldable 3/8” stud bolt
0DN0CH20E00 200mm groutable eyebolt
0DN0CH05E00 weldable eyebolt
0DN0TS10E00 wall eyebolt.

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