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Embankment extensometers

Embankment extensometers are used to measure soil strains in large earth structures. During the construction stage, the embankment extensometers are usually incorporated in the filling material.
The system consists of a number of anchor plates connected by extension rods to the measuring elements.

The measuring elements is a telescopic tube equipped with a vibrating wire displacement transducer to monitor the change in distance between two anchor plates.
A number of elements may be chained together by means of 1,2 or 3 m extension rods. Vibrating wire displacement transducers are available in different ranges for measuring up to 150 mm of displacement

Technical specifications

0D2320BM100 Extension rod, 1m
0D2320BM200 Extension rod, 2m
0D2320BM300 Extension rod, 3m
0D111PV5500 PVC corrugate antifriction sleeve
0D232AN5000 Anchor plate, 500x500mm

0D232T050VW 50 mm (±25) range
0D232T100VW 100 mm (±50) range
0D232T150VW 150mm (±75) range
Type of sensor vibrating wire with built-in thermistor
Measuring range 50, 100, 150 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm (depending of readout)
Accuracy ˂0.5% FS
Signal output frequency
Operating temperature -200C +800C
Material stainless steel.

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