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Casagrande and standpipe piezometers

These are simple filter units for measuring water level in permeable soil. Several models are available for different applications. The Casagrande piezometer is used to measure pore water pressure. The open standpipe piezometer is used to measure the water table level.

The filters are made of high density polyethylene with a threaded cap joint for two ½ tubes or one 1 ½ slotted tubes wrapped in filtering fabric. A stainless steel push-in filter unit is also available for soft soil installation.

Technical specifications

P101 - Casagrande/standpipe 40µ porous tip 1 ½ -inch single tube connection.
Length: 200 mm
Outer diameter: 61.5 mm

P112 – Casagrande 40 µ porous tip 1 ½ -inch twin tubes connection.
Length: 200mm
Outer diameter: 61.5 mm
Tip pore size: ˂40µ (nominal)

TFH – Standpipe filter unit. PVC slotted tube with fabric.
Available diameters: 1, 1 ½ and 2-inch
Length: 3 meter

P102 Hard filter beznal.pezometra
Ext. head diameter: 40/45 mm
The pore size of <40 microns (nominally

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