Mechanical jointmeters

A wide range of mechanical crackmeters (jointmeters) are produced in order to satisfy all client’s requirements.

The removable extensometer allows the measurement of relative movements between two reference pins positioned across the joints (fissure). The extensometer, which comes with its own portable, storage case, has a precise sliding rail with length adjustable base. Uniaxial and 3-D (triaxial) mechanical jointmeters are also available to monitor joints and cracks. The movements between the two anchors are obtained with mechanical dial gauges.

Simple and inexpensive, the TT-1 tell-tale crack monitor installed across a fissure allows the crack survey to be conducted in two directions..

Technical specifications

Removable extensometer
Measuring range    50mm
Base length    Adjustable at 200, 300 or 500mm
Resolution    0.01mm
Repeatability    Better than ±0.02 mmм

0DF25PIN200    Uniaxial crackmeter
0DF20TKIT00    3-D ctackmeter assembly

Mechanical jointmeters0D3101D3000    Uniaxial crackmeter
0D3103D3000    3-D ctackmeter assembly
Mechanical range    0-30 mm (±15) in all directions
Base lengths    500 mm (uniaxial) or 200 mm (3-D triaxial)

Dial gauge kit (Product code 0DIG30KIT00)
Measuring range    0-30 mm (±15) in all directions
Resolution     0.01mm
Accuracy     0.05mm

Tell-tale crack monitor (Product code 0D300LINE00)
TT-1 type    2-D biaxial
Mechanical range    ±25 mm in both directions
Resolution    0.01 mm
Accuracy    0.05 mm.

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