Resistive strain

Resistive strain-gauge incorporates four high output electrical strain gauges in fullbridge configuration bonded to a steel bar. This arrangement allows compensation for both temperature and bending effects.
Resistive strain-gauges offer a valid alternative to the vibrating wire when continuous measurements are requires.
They have a standard length of mm and are available in two models: for embedment in concrete or welded onto steel surfaces.
Measurements are carried out by Torricelli readout or Leonardo portable datalogger. Automatic monitoring can be obtained by ADK-  data acquisition system.

Technical specifications

0L3400VS000    Strain-gauge bar, mV/V 0/P
0L3400VSC00    Strain-gauge bar, V 0/P
0L3400AS000    Strain-gauge bar 4-20 mA 0/P
Bar section    8x8 mm
Bar length    400 mm
Measuring range    ±1500µƐ (nominal)
Sensitivity    0.0015 mV/µƐ
Total accuracy    ˂1% FS
Zero temp. drift    ˂0.05% FS/0C
Signal output    2 mV/at FS
4-20 mA (current loop)
Temp. operating range    -200C +700C

0WE10600000    Electric cable 6 wires (24AWG) for strain gauges mV/V or V output
0WE102KE000    Electric cable 2 wires (20 AWG) for strain gauges 4-20 mA output
0L3400MB200    Pair of welding blocks for resistance strain-gauges.

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