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Electrical anchor load cells

Electrical resistance anchor load cells consist of a ring-shaped stainless steel body which incorporate from 8 to 16 electrical resistance strain gauges in a full bridge configuration.
Typical applications include performance testing of anchor systems in tunneling or deep excavations. The cell design minimizes the sensitivity to the eccentric load.
Anchor load cells are available in a variety of ranges and diameter. A very stiff distribution plate is supplied, in order to ensure that the load is applied equally over the anular loading surface of the cell.
Readings are obtained with a CRD-400 hand held readout, Galvani readout or Leonardo datalogger.

Technical specifications

0L204V03000    300 KN, ID 40mm, 0D 155mm
0L205V05000    500 KN, ID 50mm, 0D 155 mm
0L207V07500    750 KN, ID 71mm, 0D 155mm
0L211V07500    750 KN, ID 110mm, 0D 200mm
0L212V10000    1000 KN, ID 120mm, 0D 220mm
0L216V12000    1200 KN, ID 165mm, 0D 260mm
0L216V15000    1500 KN, ID 165mm, 0D 260mm
0L219V18000    1800 KN, ID 190mm, 0D 300mm
0L222V25000    2500 KN, ID 225mm, 0D 340mm
Full scales    From 300 KN to 2500 KN
Overload    150%
Sensitivity    0.01 mV/V
Accuracy    ˂0.5%FS
Thermal zero shift    ˂0.005% FS/0C
Signal output    1.5mV/V, 2 mV/V at FS
Power supply    From 2V DC to 10V DC
Output bridge resistance    1400ohm
Compens.temp.range    -10C +60C
Operating temp. range     -15C +70C

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