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Embedment thermometers, Portable thermal probes

Temperature is a very important parameter in order to evaluate the influence of thermal effects on the measurements and the structure which is being monitored.
Sisgeo uses two types of practical devices to monitor temperature^ thermistors and RTDs (Resistance Thermal Detectors).
RTDs provide highest accuracy in comparison with thermistors and thermocouples. The RTD is precision trimmed at the manufacturing stage using a platinum device of 100 ohms at 00C which guarantees long-term stability.
Both RTDs and thermistors are housed in a shock resistant stainless steel body for application in air, water and for application in air, water and for direct embedment in concrete.

Technical specifications

Type of sensor    PT100 platinum resistance 100Ω at 0C
Measuring range    -50C +150C
Resolution    0.1C
Accuracy    0.2C
Diameter    22mm
Length    100mm
Material    Stainless steel

Type of sensor    NTC thermistor (YSI 44005)
Measuring range    -50C +150C
Resolution    0.1C
Accuracy    0.5C
Diameter    12mm
Length    55mm
Material    Stainless steel

Temperature readings on RTD thermometers and thermistors can be taken using the small CRD-400 readout: it can display measure directly in 0C through an automatic conversion.
Type of measure    0C
Display    Graphic color TFT, 240x320 pixel
Accuracy    0.01% FS
Internal battery    Ni-MH rechargeable 4.8V-2.7Ah
Operating temperature    -20C +60C
Protection    IP67

The portable thermal probes are designed for both water temperature and water level measurements in wells, boreholes and standpipe piezometers.
It consists of a dipping probe mounted on a millimeter tape. Tape is rolled up on a rugged portable reel which contains electronic and battery pack.
The dipping probe mounts a microchip-based integrated circuit (IC) for temperature meaures that produces an output proportional to absolute temperature.
Temperature values are directly displayed in 0C on a 3.5 LCD mounted on the face-plate of the reel where are also located the front panel controls.

Technical specifications
Temperature transducer    IC 590
Cable lengths    30,50,100,150m
Temperature range    -50C +150C
Resolution    0.1C
Accuracy    ±0.5C
Probe diameter    16mm
Probe length    250mm
Digital display    3.5 LCD
Batteries    2x9V DC disposal
Operating time    About 20 hours
Spare set for C112T
Spare set for portable water-thermal probe includes probe, weights, epoxy resin and consumable..

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