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Hydraulic anchor load cells

Hydraulic anchor load cells are utilized to monitor loads in tiebacks, rock bolts and cables. They consist of two ring-shaped stainless steel plates welded together around their edge. The pressure pad between the plates is filled, under high vacuum, by de-aired oil.

The load is directly measured by a Bourdon manometer connected to the cell body. The manometer is calibrated in the lab to allow direct readings in KN. Electrical models equipped with 4-20 mA pressure transducer are also available for remote readings.

A very stiff distribution plate is supplied, in order to ensure that the load is applied equally over the loading surface of the cell. A bearing plate may not be required if adequate provisions have been incorporated into the installation design.

Technical specifications

0L2M07050H0    500 KN, ID 71mm, 0D 164mm
0L2M09075H0    750 KN, ID 92mm, 0D 204mm
0L2M11100H0    1000 KN, ID 110mm, 0D 228mm
0L2M13100H0    1000 KN, ID 138mm, 0D 245mm
0L2M16150H0    1500KN, ID 165mm, 0D 293mm
0L2M22250H0    2500 KN, ID 225mm, 0D 380mm
Overload    120% with zeroshift˂2% FS
Resolution    ˂0.2% FS
Accuracy     ±1% FS
Temperature error    ˂1.5% FS at 25C temperature difference
Material    AISI 304 stainless steel

0L2E0705000    500 KN, ID 71mm, 0D 164mm
0L2E0907500    750 KN, ID 92mm, 0D 204 mm
0L2E1110000    1000 KN, ID 110mm, OD 228mm
0L2E1310000    1000 KN, ID 138mm, OD 245mm
0L2E1615000    1500KN, ID 165mm, 0D 293mm
Overload     120% with zeroshift ˂2% FS
Resolution    From  FS0.03% FS to 0.09%
Accuracy    ±1% FS
Temperature    ˂1.5% FS at 250C temperature difference
Material    AISI 304 stainless steel

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