DBS measuring anchors

Measuring anchors are combination of rock bolt and extensometer. They are used to evaluate the performance of rock anchors in all types of applications. Measuring anchor consists of a hollow anchor body with inside installed a 4-point mini extensometer with anchor points at 4 different levels.

Sisgeo measuring anchor is available for available for nominal load of 250KN with lengths of 4,6 or 9 meters.
Readings are taken manually by a dial gauge or could be also automated by using vibrating wire displacement transducers.

Technical specifications
0DBS2503244  DBS 4M LONG
0DBS2503264  DBS 6M LONG
0DBS2503294  DBS 9M LONG
Loading capacity  250 KN
Anchoring points  4
Overall outer diameter  40 mm
Drilling diameter  50 mm
-Central anulus  brass
-Head  Stainless steel

In order to take manual measurements, it is also needed to install onto the instrument head the mechanical measuring kit 0DBS01MEC00.
Range  0-10mm
Resolution  0.01mm

Displacement transducer  4 nos. vibrating wire
Range  +/- 5mm
Resolution  0.01mm
Accuracy  ˂0.5% FS
Operating temperature    -20C +80C
Signal output    frequency
Dimension    Length 270mm, 0D 54mm

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